Has El Clasico Lost its Sparkle?

There was a time when finding an el clasico live stream espn access link would have been the top priority of every fan of the beautiful game. Whilst the game is till at the top of the tree when it comes to talent, many are now arguing that in recent years the sportsmanship has left the fixture.

El Clasico has always been a rivalry, of that there is no doubt. However, there was a time when fans of both sides could appreciate the other. We’re asking the question, has the game lost its sparkle?

The Golden Years

Between the years of 2005 and 2010, the fixture was unmissable. Access to an el clasico live stream espn link was a must-have. This was the era of fantastic football. It saw Fabio Capello spend another term at Real Madrid, Pepe Guardiola coach Barca to a treble, Ruud van Nistelrooy’s top form and the superb capabilities of Ronaldinho. It was also during this period that Lionel Messi began showing serious promise.
Real Madrid vs Barcelona
Perhaps the best display of sportsmanship during this time came about during the November 2005 tie. It took place on Real’s home turf, when the home fans gave a standing ovation to Ronaldinho. He scored twice and gave an all-round outstanding performance. The last person to receive such an ovation from Real’s home fans was Diego Maradona back in 1983.


From 2011 onwards, the level of mutual respect began to wane. Whilst we mentioned Guardiola’s reign as manager of Barca above, the latter years were not as glorious. This is not necessary linked to results, rather the attitude of players. The arrival of Jose Mourinho to Real Madrid brought about some extremely antagonistic ties.
Instead of viewers tuning in to see excellent technical skills, fantastic set pieces and a great atmosphere, they were greeted with petty squabbles and harsh tackles. Watching el clasico live stream espn became less of an enjoyable experience. Tackles were dirty, diving was rampant. In particular, it appeared as though a contest had emerged between Sergio Ramos and Sergio Busquets. Both made it their goal to make the biggest fanfare from the most insignificant of challenges. It was handbags at dawn.

There were 18 different opportunities for viewers to look for an real madrid mod barcelona live stream espn link during the years of 2010 and 2013. Unfortunately, this period was slighted by the sheer level of antagonism displayed. Many could be forgiven for thinking that the players had an Oscar in their sights, rather than the UEFA Champion’s League title. As the ties progressed, more cards were drawn.

2011 is the most notable problematic year. The Copa Del Rey final between the 2 sides was particularly unsportsmanlike. 8 yellow cards were issues during the game, with Di Maria receiving a second yellow and being sent off during extra time.

The reality is, fans are likely to always want to tune into el clasico live stream espn. The temptation to see the bouts of footballing genius is just too great. In recent years, the sportsmanship has started to reemerge. This is something that we hope to see in December’s tie.

Current Form of El Classic

The next meeting of El Clasico is just under two months away. Are you ready? The game is quite possibly the highest octane of any in the world. The fierce rivalry and the sheer level of talent comprised in each time make for excellent viewing. An el clasico live stream gratis link is a must-have. Every tie between these two teams is at worst a skilful game and at best, the best thing you will ever see. So before you tie up an el classic live stream gratis, check out our info below.El Clasico

The Management

The current squads for both sides are the envy of many a manager. Yet, standing at the helm of either of these teams is an undeniably tough job. Zinedine Zidane has recently taken over as the Real Madrid manager and used his first summer transfer window well. He made the purchase of Alvaro Morata from Juventus for £25.5 million. Although Zidane only took over from Benitez as manager in January 2016, he has made a significant impact already. An ex-player, he has previously served as assistant since 2014 and this year led the team to their 11th Champion’s League win and the top of La Liga.

Luis Enrique is in charge of Barca, as he has been since 2014. His contract lasts till 2017. Enrique himself is one of the few players to have worn both the Barcelona and the Real Madrid jersey in his senior career. This is his second term as the manager of Barcelona, having previously taken the helm from 2008-2011. However, he is doing significantly better this time round, with his overall percentage of wins rising from 47.58% to 78.63%. This summer, Enrique was very active in the transfer market. He made several significant signings, the highest value of which came from Valencia for a combined total of £50million. Although Barca were defeated in pursuit of both La Liga and the Champion’s League title, they have taken home the Copa Del Rey twice in the last two years. 2014 was the last time that an el clasico live stream gratis link was necessary for a Copa Del Rey final.

The Teams

Not only do the teams have a fierce rivalry, the players do to. It is part of what makes an el clasico live stream gratis so necessary. The calibre of players on both sides’ means that the teams are so evenly matched. Often, it comes down to who wants it more on the day. Whilst the main rivalry has always said to be between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the entire forward section of each team has now been included after both sides made significant attacking signings in the last few years. It is the job of Real’s BBC (Bale, Benzema and Cristiano) to go up against Barca’s MSN (Messi, Suarez and Neymar). However, both teams have purchased forwards this year, so we may see new blood entering into the mix in the form of Morata for Real Madrid and Alcacer for Barca.

If you haven’t yet tracked one down, an el clasico live stream gratis link should be on your to-do list. Quite simply, you cannot afford to miss this game.

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